The Friday 5

All of us in Digital and Multimedia Learning work to stay on top of the latest trends, discussions, and tools coming forth within the world of education.  We saw an opportunity to curate our findings and put them together in an easy-to-digest manner to share with our colleagues both in- and outside of the Cobb County School District.

The Friday 5 is an interactive experience that serves as a quick, concise collection of tools, resources, articles, videos, and other education-related items that have come our way.

Dive into our issues of The Friday 5 by clicking on the links below.

Issue #1: The Debut Issue

  1. Welcome to The Friday 5!
  2. Harnessing the Power of Pokemon GO in class
  3. Learning and Collaborating with #CobbChat
  4. A Look Inside BreakoutEDU
  5. App Overview: GooseChase

Issue #2: Polling Tools and Classrooms of the Future

  1. Welcome back to The Friday 5!
  2. Take a Pulse with Polling (MS Pulse, Slido, Today’s Meet)
  3. Virtual Reality in the Classroom
  4. 7 Steps to the Classroom of the Future
  5. Learning in 2026

Issue #3: GaETC Roundup–Apps and Online Tools we learned about at the Georgia Education Technology Conference (GaETC)

  1. Grading Made Easy (Plickers and GradeCam)
  2. Quickly Gather Performance Data (Quizziz, Kahoot!, EdPuzzle)
  3. Manage Student Groups with Slack
  4. Increase Student Writing Skills (Grammerly, Hemingway, Pro Writing Aid, Kaizena)
  5. Other Nifty Tools (Rewordify, Wolfram Alpha, Tagxedo, Classcraft)

Issue #4: Flipping Professional Learning (PL)

  1. Why Flip PL?
  2. How to Flip PL?
  3. Using Twitter as DIY PL
  4. Blogs as PL
  5. Using Interactive Video to Deliver Flipped PL

Issue #5: Coding in the Classroom

  1. Why Teach Students Code?
  2. Getting Started with Coding at School
  3. Inside the Hour of Code
  4. Student-Created (and Coded) Games
  5. Unlocking Other Opportunities
  • BONUS: Additional resources regarding coding and how to implement it in school.

Issue #6: Collaboration

  1. The Benefits of Collaboration You Didn’t Already Know
  2. Student-to-Student Collaboration (benefits and tools)
  3. Student-to-Teacher Collaboration (benefits and tools)
  4. Educator-to-Educator Collaboration (benefits and tools)
  5. Collaborating Beyond the Classroom (ideas and more tools)

Issue #7: Enjoying Your Time Off

  1. Tips on how to unplug
  2. Resources to help you laugh
  3. Places to explore/entertain
  4. Recommended books to read
  5. Ways to learn more in your spare time

Issue #8: CCSD Resources You May Not Know

  1. Office 365
  2. Cobb Digital Library
  3. Professional Learning Catalog
  4. CCSD Webinars
  5. Streaming Cobb

Issue #9: A Creative Take on Field Trips

  1. Explore Your School/Community
  2. Bring the Field Trip to You
  3. The Carter Center (and other actually-free field trips)
  4. Digital Field Trips
  5. Virtual Reality Field Trips

Issue #10: A Creative Take on Field Trips

  1. Explore Your School/Community
  2. Bring the Field Trip to You
  3. The Carter Center (and other actually-free field trips)
  4. Digital Field Trips
  5. Virtual Reality Field Trips

Issue #11: The Toolbox Edition

This issue takes a peek inside some of the educational toolboxes of educators across the Cobb County School District.

  1. Some of DML’s Favorites
  2. Tim O’Neill
    • Academic Coach, Compton Elementary School
  3. Tracey Borup
    • Technology Training Integration Specialist
  4. Daniel Harbert
    • Science Teacher, Floyd Middle School
  5. Cara Harpin
    • Media Specialist, McClure Middle School

Issue #12: Gamified Learning (Gamified vs Game-Based Learning, Part 1 of 2)

  1. What is Gamification?
  2. How to Get Started
  3. Ideas for Gamified Lessons
  4. Apps and Tools to Gamify Learning
  5. How Games Make People Smarter

Issue #13: Game-Based Learning (Gamified vs Game-Based Learning, Part 2 of 2)

  1. What is Game-Based Learning?
  2. How to Get Started
  3. Ideas for Game-Based Lessons
  4. Apps and Tools to Create Game-Based Learning
  5. How Games Make People Smarter

Issue #14: Digital Test Prep Tools

  1. Tools for Individual Review
  2. Tools for Content-Specific Reinforcement
  3. Tools for Whole Group Review
  4. Using Games for Review
  5. Out of the Box Review Ideas

Issue #15: Emerging Trends in Education

  1. Re-imagining the Old
  2. Social Justice and “Fake News”
  3. Technology Trends
  4. Portrayals of Education
  5. Things to Make You Go “Hmm”

Issue #16: Quadrants of Quality, Part 1

  1. The Rigor and Relevance Framework
  2. Some quality in Northwest Cobb
  3. Breaking Down the Strategies
  4. An Example of Quality in Northeast Cobb
  5. Using Origami as a Math and Science Tool

Issue #17: Quadrants of Quality (Part 2)

  1. Unique Approaches in Southeast Cobb
  2. Applying These Unique Approaches in Your Room/School
  3. Unique Approaches in Southwest Cobb
  4. Applying These Approaches in Your Room/School
  5. Noteworthy Articles on Rigor and Relevance

Issue #18: The Power of Podcasts

  1. What is a Podcast?
  2. Getting Started Listening to Podcasts
  3. Benefits of Podcasts in the Classroom
  4. Podcasts as PL
  5. Creating Your Own Podcasts

Issue #19: Teacher Feature!

  1. Carolyn Galloway (North Cobb HS)
  2. Sean Splawski (Mableton ES)
  3. Jenny Felix (Lost Mountain MS)
  4. Alexa Dean (Tritt ES)
  5. Stephanie Lawson (Keheley ES)

Issue #20: Harnessing the Power of Video

  1. Worthwhile Videos  (and How to Find Them)
  2. De-constructing Music Videos and TV Shows
  3. Using Short Films to Enhance Lessons
  4. Reach Out and TouchCast Your lessons
  5. Harnessing the Power of 360-degree Video

Issue #21: Teacher Feature SUPER EDITION!

  1. “Virtual Mentors” with Tami McIntyre, Marissa Gaines, and more
  2. Kristen Cross (Physical Education, South Cobb HS)
  3. Andrea Farmer (Math, South Cobb HS)
  4. Jaime Williams (Reading/ELA, Lost Mountain MS)
  5. Kelsey Born (5th Grade ELA, Pitner ES)
  6. Alana Davis (Innovation Specialist, Mableton ES)
  7. Abby Sandlin (3rd Grade, Pitner ES)
  8. Linda Kurtz (STEM, Sope Creek ES)
  9. Ruthann Rust (9th Grade Literature, Pebblebrook HS)
  10. Dr. Lisa Cherry (Honors World Literature, South Cobb HS)


What are your feelings on The Friday 5? Let us know what you think here.  If you have a resource you think would be perfect for an upcoming issue, please share those here!