Cobb Teachers Rock

National Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off next week with special emphasis on National Teacher Day on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017.  Between now and then, you can see the increase of gratitude showered upon teachers on social media by following the hashtag #ThankATeacher. Here in DML, we have been sure to take as many opportunities as possible to feature some of the amazing educators within the … Continue reading Cobb Teachers Rock

Officially Introducing: The Friday 5

One of the many projects that we have had in development within the Digital and Multimedia Learning Department is what we call “The Friday 5.” This interactive, multimedia resource has been designed to be a collection of concise, curated content shared from us to you, our colleagues, with the goal of  helping you enhance the digital and multimedia learning in your corner of the world. Starting with … Continue reading Officially Introducing: The Friday 5

Edcamp Cobb Recap

At Edcamp Cobb, everyone is a winner. Nineteen schools from three different districts came out this past Saturday to participate in Edcamp Cobb.  Structured as an “unconference”, an Edcamp is a model of professional learning, where the participants set the schedule of sessions the day of the event, and the sessions function more like group discussions.  The sessions that arose during Edcamp Cobb included: Using tools such … Continue reading Edcamp Cobb Recap

Quick Tips for Your Next Vacation or Break

We here at Digital and Multimedia Learning hope each of you had a wonderful and restful Spring Break two weeks ago!  Studies have shown that it is beneficial to unplug to provide your brain with a full vacation from time to time.  While we here in the Cobb County School District came back from Spring Break well-rested, soon thereafter we launched into standardized testing with the Georgia … Continue reading Quick Tips for Your Next Vacation or Break

K-2 and World Languages Learning Resources Review

Great things are continuing to happen here in the Cobb County School District!  Right now, we are in the midst of reviewing new learning materials for K-2 English/Language Arts, 6-12 World Languages, and Elementary School Dual Language Immersion.  After weeks of committee review by Cobb County School District teachers, administrators and supervisors, we are now offering the community an opportunity to join us in reviewing the … Continue reading K-2 and World Languages Learning Resources Review

Creating Powerful Presentations

Many of us have created presentations for one occasion or another, but are we doing them well?  Are they actually engaging our desired audience(s)? When creating truly engaging face-to-face or online presentations, a best practice is to include more memorable graphics while the text works to summarize the main idea or topic.  People learn more when presented with a picture-only presentation with a narrative versus … Continue reading Creating Powerful Presentations

How to: Excel with Kelly Brown

Our Technology Training Specialist Kelly Brown, a member of the Digital Transformation Team, just expanded her training reach into the realm of regular webinars.  These webinars, hosted through Skype for Business, have been tailored to meet the needs and concerns of classified (non-instructional or academic leadership) staff within the Cobb County School District. The first course in the webinar series, called “How to: Excel” features … Continue reading How to: Excel with Kelly Brown

Inside the Office of Learning Resources: More than Meets the Eyes

The Digital and Multimedia Learning Department comprises four offices and teams, one of which, is the Office of Learning Resources, which is headed up by veteran educator Brian Smith. Years ago, “learning resources” would have been synonymous with textbooks alone.  As the Cobb County School District moves into utilizing a broader variety of resources to support student learning, the Office of Learning Resources now orchestrates much … Continue reading Inside the Office of Learning Resources: More than Meets the Eyes

TouchCast-Enhanced STEM Class

How can student-created videos be presented in an innovative and transformative way? King Springs Elementary School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) teacher Joannah Shoustarian reached out to me in early August expressing interest in collaborating on such a lesson.  She had seen that the Georgia Science Teacher Association (the GSTA) was conducting a video contest for students.  Fashioned much like TED Talks, which are … Continue reading TouchCast-Enhanced STEM Class

Spice Up Your Lessons with Office Mix

Office 365 offers untold treasures beyond cloud storage for documents and spreadsheets.  In fact, with it and updating to Office 2013, there are many new programs, and program extensions that have great utility in schools. Enter: Office Mix. Office Mix is an extension to PowerPoint which means that once downloaded, it adds enhanced features to your existing PowerPoint program.  With Mix, which is represented by … Continue reading Spice Up Your Lessons with Office Mix