Officially Introducing: The Friday 5

One of the many projects that we have had in development within the Digital and Multimedia Learning Department is what we call “The Friday 5.” This interactive, multimedia resource has been designed to be a collection of concise, curated content shared from us to you, our colleagues, with the goal of  helping you enhance the digital and multimedia learning in your corner of the world.

Starting with Issue #3, each issue focuses upon a specific theme, and each point delves into a specific tool, article, or resource.  There are currently four issues which you can find in our archives here.

Each issue is shared internally via our CCSD Academic Division Newsletter by Tuesday of each week, and our goal is to share these externally by Friday of each week.

Do you have anything you think should be included in a future Friday 5?  Share your suggestions here.

Furthermore, let us know what you think via this form.

We are so excited to share our findings as we continue to serve our teachers, schools, and colleagues via this additional channel!


**This idea was inspired by the work of April Gwyn of East Cobb MS.  Thank you April for your hard work, ingenuity, and inspiration!


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