Edcamp Cobb Recap


At Edcamp Cobb, everyone is a winner.

Nineteen schools from three different districts came out this past Saturday to participate in Edcamp Cobb.  Structured as an “unconference”, an Edcamp is a model of professional learning, where the participants set the schedule of sessions the day of the event, and the sessions function more like group discussions.  The sessions that arose during Edcamp Cobb included:

One of the main things that sets an Edcamp apart from traditional conferences is that there are no vendors.  That said, we were honored to have coffee donated by Rev Coffee Roasters, as well as prizes donated from iPevo and Sphero which added to the excitement of the event. Furthermore, we awarded a free 360-degree camera to the school with the most teachers in attendance, and Dickerson Middle School went away with the prize.

1008160909The Digital Transformation Team will join forces with STEM and Innovation Department as well as the rest of the Edcamp planning team to host Edcamp Cobb Spring on January 28th, 2017.  In the meantime, collaborative conversations open to all will take place at our monthly #CobbChat on Twitter.  The next #CobbChat will be hosted by our Digital Transformation Coach, Nadia, on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 at 8 p.m.  The topic will be Virtual Reality and Future Thinking.

For more information on Edcamp Cobb and related activities, visit Edcamp Cobb on Twitter or visit the official website at www.EdcampCobb.Wordpress.com



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